''A mind free of concepts is a mind open to all ideas''

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Miles Cantelou

Miles Cantelou... Deep & Provoking art born out of Darker Times!

Something of Miles...

After a successful decade working as a commercial photographer both at home and abroad, Miles stepped aside to pursue other activities when he arrived in Spain. It was during the time when Miles lived in Spain that he was influenced by the Spanish lifestyle, the sweeping landscapes, vibrant colours and Spain's brilliant artists. Quite by accident and circumstances in 2011 Miles found a new awareness and compulsion to create art again. So began an intense and creative period in his life that developed phycological pathways into spaces uncharted, places he continues to revisit and explore today.


By no coincidence, this was also a time in his life when Miles was at his lowest mental state of mind but through the depression, he was inspired and motivated to illustrate his inner feelings and visions in art form. These were difficult times for Miles with significant losses and consequences but because of this, he found the foundation for enlightenment and major changes in his life. Miles had been a resilient individual, a pioneer who would venture out in the world without fear, so falling to such depths of prolonged sadness was out of character for Miles but he was able to hide much of his troubles to most onlookers. Miles commented ''a succession of life-changing hits over a prolonged period of time can ultimately break the strongest''


When talking about his work, Miles prefers to not give labels to his artwork, he says the viewer sees and perceives whatever they want. Looking over his work past and present it is noticeably abstractly deep, dramatically surreal and gives a glimpse into his life experiences. He says that the darkness brings out the light to guide a person and believes his years of depression and solitude brought out the best in his creative ability.


Since 2016 Miles' art sales have exceeded 200 original works, all individual original pieces with varying sizes and on different substrates. His art has consistently increased in value and looks set to continue this way, something he did not expect and neither was it his ambition.

Something from Miles about trauma and persistent depression disorder...


I'm not an expert, nor a medical person, so I speak about my own experience and findings...Depression and trauma may last many years as they did for me and during that time I lost my identity, my purpose and my journey constantly searching for the light to go forward, difficult in the absence of help... and usually help is within oneself! The best a person can do is hold a virtue or two close, I remembered much of my maternal grandmother's words and found strength in her strength. By doing this I was able to set down a few rigid and probably life-saving guidelines. Patience isn't always plentiful but when it runs dry... you have to find more, when you think there is no reason to keep on going forward with your life...search until you find one... and if you feel that you no longer have a place on this wonderful planet...defer your decision to the following day, then repeat the deferral daily.


These days I look back from time to time and these were not wasted years, I now know that I learnt so much about myself, my faults and faced my mistakes, it gave balance to my life, my priorities completely changed and today I have simplified my life in so far as all that was weighty and holding me down has now gone from my life, no more a burden and it has been replaced with very little but gives massive fulfilment. I've found so many answers to almost as many questions I asked myself!

An art critic said...Miles constantly expands boundaries and it has been said that his art is boldly stated resulting in a unique look and feel, lucid enough to give shape and form yet sufficiently elusive to encourage a more profound and deeper look. 

Miles' world travels and settlements can be seen in some of his work.