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''A mind free of concepts is a mind open to all ideas''

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Miles Cantelou

Miles Cantelou Art Gallery & Studio

Miles Cantelou...

Commercial photographer and artist works from his Gallery located in Bradford on Avon. Miles has been a part of the photographic & art industry globally for more than 20 years and his commissions varied from designing album covers for music companies in Australia to commercial street photography in Amsterdam and fashion photography in Los Angeles. Miles has worked pretty much all over the world.
Miles's foundation in commercial photography has influenced his artistic expression and techniques in the use of light and colour. He has a MA in photography and on occasions delivers workshops and lectures in Art and Design institutions, he has consistently worked in capacity of freelance, this is his own choice. His unique pieces of artwork created with acrylics, oil, photography then finally layered oto metal, cotton paper, canvas, board or wood are exhibited frequently in London, Bath and in his Bradford on Avon Gallery.

An art critic commented...


Miles constantly expands boundaries and it has been said that his art is boldly stated resulting in a unique look and feel, lucid enough to give shape and form yet elusive enough to encourage a deeper and harder look. 

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Miles Cantelou Art Gallery
3A Market Street Bradford on Avon | BA151LH | Wiltshire

Gallery hours: March 2022 - Saturday | Sunday 11.00 - 17.00
(Contact us for outside hours viewing appointments).