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''A mind free of concepts is a mind open to all ideas''

Miles Cantelou... Deep & Provoking art born of Darker Times!

After a successful decade working as an advertising/commercial photographer in the U.K, Europe, the U.S and Australia, Unexpectedly, Miles was blown off course and found himself in Spain. The peninsular's influence grew as Miles became more at home in Spain. Apart from the casual and relaxed lifestyle, there was so much more this country had to offer Miles, least of all its history and great artists, Goya, Picasso, Dalí and Gaudi all influenced Miles. Spain's landscape, villages and town folk, vibrant colours and zest for life all have a place in his artwork, but it wasn't to last forever.


Some years after arriving in Spain, Miles just ran out of steam and depression set in. These were difficult years for Miles with losses and consequences all of which were quite significant, but it was toward the end of this period, many years later that he discovered a foundation for enlightenment and set about making major changes to his lifestyle. Miles had always been a resilient individual, a pioneer who ventured out into the world without fear, so falling to such depths of prolonged sadness was out of character for him and difficult for him to accept, but he was able to hide much of his troubles internally and only those who knew Miles very well would have realised not all was well. 

It was in 2007 when Miles picked up a brush, found a large sheet of board and some paints then began painting Aboriginal-style art. He spent three days painting and reacquainting with his past. This was the beginning of a new awareness and compulsion to paint his inner thoughts. So began an intense and creative period in his life, developing phycological pathways and unchartered spaces that helped Miles move forward and eventually control his depression.

When talking about his work, Miles prefers not to give labels, he says the viewer sees and perceives whatever they want. Looking over his work past and present it is noticeably abstractly deep, sometimes dramatically surreal and particularly his early work gives a glimpse into his life experiences. He says that the darkness brought out the light and believes that had it not been for depression and solitude he doubts he would have rediscovered his creative ability.


Since 2016 Miles' art sales have exceeded 250 original works, all individual original pieces with varying sizes and on different substrates. He uses anything available to him, paint, ink, photography and on some occasions CGI to blend and layer imagery, hence Mixed-Media covers much of his work. His art has consistently increased in value and looks set to continue this way, something he did not expect nor was it his ambition.


An art critic said...Miles constantly expands boundaries and it has been said that his art is boldly stated resulting in a unique look and feel, lucid enough to give shape and form yet sufficiently elusive to encourage a more profound and deeper look. ​Miles' world travels and settlements can be seen in some of his work.



Miles Cantelou studio has relocated to Miles's Rural Biodiversity Meadow project in the heart of Wiltshire, an ideal environment for creative ideas.

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