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A few words from Miles about trauma and persistent depression disorder...


Neither an expert nor a medical person, I can only speak about my own experience and findings...Depression and trauma may last many years as they did for me and during that time I lost my identity, my purpose and my journey, constantly searching for a light to go forward, difficult in the absence of help... until one discovers that help is finally found within oneself!


The best a person can do is hold a virtue or two close during this difficult journey. I remembered much of my maternal grandmother's words and found strength in her wisdom and strength. By doing this I was able to set down a few rigid and probably life-saving guidelines.


Patience isn't always plentiful but when it runs dry... you have to find more. When you think there is no reason to keep on going forward with your life... keep searching no matter how hard until you find one. If you feel that there is no longer a reason to stay on this wonderful is at that moment you still maintain reason so defer your decision to the following day, then repeat the deferral daily.


Looking back from time to time I know those years were not wasted years. I learnt so much about myself through depression, I recognised my faults, faced my mistakes and reassessed my values. This helped to balance my life and my priorities. Today, my life has completely changed and I have simplified how I live so far as all that was weighty and important and held me down I dumped, no longer a burden. Simplicity and awareness have given me massive fulfilment, Today I follow my inspiration because I 'lightened the load' so to speak, I am at liberty to move as I need, change course if necessary and have time to listen and understand.

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