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''A mind free of concepts is a mind open to all ideas''

 Miles Cantelou...

 Deep & Provoking Artwork 

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''Friedrich Nietzsche  

''No artist tolerates reality''

Ten great years working commercially as an advertising photographer in the U.K, Europe, the U.S. and Australia. Unexpectedly I was 'blown off course' and found myself in Spain...Olé!  More great years, about 30 to be exact. Totally influenced by the passion and drama offered by this beautiful peninsula, Goya, Picasso, Dalí and Gaudi and the lifestyle of course. Eventually, I ran out of steam, end of my road! It took a few years for me to find myself again. But as 'they' say... every grey cloud.


During the 'few years' my work became very dark but creative and it was with this new expression that I found my way back...and here I am! Darkness is still a strong influence today.

Lable my work as you like, I use any medium that works, not too many rules left to break here but Mixed Media probably covers it and the principal materials are acrylic, ink and photography. Since 2016 sales of my work have exceeded 350 original pieces and much to my astonishment, the value has increased.


An art critic said...Miles constantly expands boundaries and it has been said that his art is boldly stated resulting in a unique look and feel, lucid enough to give shape and form yet sufficiently elusive to encourage a more profound and deeper look. ​Miles' world travels and settlements can be seen in his work.

Recently, I relocated my studio to my Rural Biodiversity Meadow project in the heart of Wiltshire, an ideal environment for creative ideas.

One other mention! At the age of seven, my artistic impression of the 'Great Fire of London' painted in, well whatever we were given in primary school, was selected to be shown in the Tate, yep the Tate Library in Brixton, South London...My school was Macaulay CoE, in Clapham. Very proud, I visited with my parents...Ironically when we went to collect it we were told my amazing artwork was taken out by the caretaker and 'burnt' in the incinerator... how ironic..but records support my art was once in the Tate!

If you've made it this far...Well done! and thanks for your time.

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