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Electrically powered Hackney Carriage | Mixed Media Original Art

Hello... My artwork below is an example where various layers of original artwork, mainly acrylic on board, canvas and photography are scanned to large files so can be blended together. I've worked and enjoyed this versatile process for some years now and in addition to its creative potential, importantly this has offered me three finishing solutions. 1) Colour bias preference, 2) dimensions, large wall art when physical studios space is restricted and 3) Choice of substrate, I like to use metals, wood and board. Commercially, it offers greater control and creativity, I've fulfilled demanding commissions that require artwork in excess of 4 mtrs. For me personally, there are no restrictions, as a chronic lucid dreamer, this works really well for me!

So, all layers used are original artwork and my own designs. I sell as original art and to add a personal touch, I often hand embellish with acrylic the final product. I've developed this method since 2011 when it was blanket covered with one word 'digital' maybe because the end result came from a digital file, or perhaps there was a lack of information or understanding of this method! But this artwork is far from just digital which is the smallest procedure here, it takes time to complete and incorporates many medias. I find the method adapts well in today's market, I feel I'm pushing new technologies for today's demands but respecting and maintaining more traditional methods.

I thank those who supported me during the development stage, stepping away from traditions is not always an easy decision, particularly when reputations and financial commitment is on the line!

If you have any interest in this subject, I would welcome your thoughts. Thanks for your time.

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