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An afternoon in Winter


I wouldn't call myself an artist, more accurately, because who wouldn't want to be accurate... I'd say that I'm a painter and I've always been a painter. I've always been a blender of colour and a mixer of light and that's good... but that still doesn't make me an artist. What happened next?... Well, I'll tell you what happened... I woke up one morning and decided to be a businessman! then 25 years later and after what some would call success... Yawn, I quit, it just wasn't for me, too much business chatter! so I became a painter again and that sounds like a whole World of betterness... well, it sounds a lot better to me! I don't know about you, oh hello you, but I much prefer to walk out of my home onto a peaceful country lane, breathe the fresh air, look up and smile at the sky...hello sky, rather than fall into a busy town street, be brushed aside by the rushing crowds and look to the floor and sigh...poetry was never my thing, man...but it wasn't always that way, country lanes, city streets and all that...Jazz...Bro, but it's that way now and I'm happy about that too.

A really nice Lady art critic once said...

Miles constantly expands boundaries and it has been said that his art is boldly stated resulting in a unique look and feel, lucid enough to give shape and form yet sufficiently elusive to encourage a more profound look. ​

  • Editions Studio - Unique signed with a certificate of authenticity details.

  • Dull silver aluminium art box 25mm frame.

  • ChromaLuxe HD metal glossy print or crystal glossy print under 2mm acrylic glass.

  • Ready to hang.

  • From £800 and custom sizes  HERE

  • Limited short-run Editions Just 5 HERE

  • Original artwork prices HERE



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