''A mind free of concepts is a mind open to all ideas''

MCCAAD Studio & Art Gallery 


A professional team able to identify clients concepts and offer unique solutions for their marketing requirements. Miles Cantelou, published artist and photographer heads up and oversees all commissioned work.



Miles Cantelou


Commercial Photographer and Artist. Miles is the founder and manager at Miles Cantelou | Creative Arts & Design© Studio. & Gallery He's worked within the photographic and art industry since the 1980s. Working as an illustrator, graphic designer, artist, photographer and lecturer. Recently Miles has developed further skills in some areas of digital artwork, blending and layering and acrylic art. He is able to identify concepts and develops your ideas into unique artwork and branding. He also exhibits his own original artwork throughout the U.K and keeps a good selection of art hanging on the walls of his gallery.

Last word


Miles constantly expands boundaries and it has been said that his art is boldly stated resulting in a unique look and feel, lucid enough to give shape and form yet elusive enough to encourage a deeper and harder look. Miles is a deep-thinking philosophical person, some say he has an enigmatic personality.

MCCAAD Studio & Gallery | 3A Market Street Bradford on Avon | BA151LH | Wiltshire